Antonio Perkins

High energy, professional MMA sports commentator, announcer and television personality boasts 10 years industry experience in galvanizing crowds, live event commentating and ringside interviews for Xtreme Knockout MMA Events (XKO), pre/post event radio interviews on Fishbowl Radio and television’s UPN 21. Possessing a natural talent and passion for the industry has contributed to a confident radio, television and live event presence with a proven ability to segue into all media formats scripted, impromptu, live or taped.facebook-icon-preview-1





Scott Groff is a former Professional MMA Fighter, Instructor, Manager and one of the pioneers of the sport.











Travis Baxter is a premier ring announcer in the world of professional MMA and professional wrestling. With his amazing delivery and style in the ring, his voice has filed venues across Texas, California and beyond for close to 25 years.







Allen Brooks had an opportunity to spend some time with 27 year old Allen Floyd Brooks who is originally from Lancaster, CA.  Allen comes from a long line of Floyd Brooks.  Growing up in Lancaster, Allen was a troubled youth and could not appreciate his father’s wisdom, struggling through childhood with gang affiliations, trips to the boys camp, juvenile hall and eventually being incarcerated.  In his words, he was a knucklehead.  Now preparing for the arrival of his first son, he relates easily to the worries of parenting.

His introduction to Jiu Jitsu came by happenstance.  They were rebuilding a shopping center in Palmdale, CA.  In the building, there was a martial arts studio that peaked his interest after walking by several times.  He met with the Taekwondo instructor who informed him there were two disciplines; Japanese Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Allen decided to try Jiu Jitsu because it was the least expensive and he was unemployed at the time.  This is where he met his first instructor, who was a woman.  Her name was Jeannette Portocarrero and incidentally she was the first female black belt under Jean Jacques Machado.  Jeannette and Allen became close friends and she became a significant part of his life.  During the time he spent training with her, he considered himself a mat rat.  Allen faced many obstacles and setbacks in California which eventually forced him to relocate.

Soon he would find himself in Texas and he would start his next journey.  As fate would have it, he would meet Professor Steven Hall.  Steven was a God-send and perfect for his character.  Steven took him under his wing, pushed him hard and held him accountable.  He held Allen to high standards and treated him like family.   Allen says that Professor Hall contributed considerably in getting him to the next level.  Unfortunately, Professor Hall was forced to close his doors.

Now currently enrolled at AMBJJ with Professor Alex Martins, Allen looks to continue his endeavor and further evolve as a skilled practitioner.  There is no doubt that Professor Martins will get him there.  Allen found balance through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When people say “Jiu Jitsu saved my life”, his story is a classic example of what they mean.  We look forward to seeing this young man accomplish his goals.

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”. –Napoleon Hill

Allen would like to give a special thanks to Jeannette Portocarrero, Steven Hall, Marcus Hicks, Alex Martins, the folks at Cryo Nation, his wife and soon to be son and the fellas at Thomas B. Hunter 1356.facebook-icon-preview-1




DJ David DeLeon

Born and raised in Texas I (DjD) has been a fan and follower of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) ever since the age of 13. I got my first turn tables when I was 15 and would purchase records from “Bills records and tapes.” I love the way a record sounds. Hearing the slight crackle of vinyl still gives me goose bumps! I still remember the days when my parents would tell me “Turn the music down!” as if it were yesterday. Now in my early 40’s I get to enjoy all types of music with my 3 wonderful girls who I hope one day one of them will become a Dj!

A lot has changed since that time now all my music collections is electronic (MP3) but I still have a pretty large record collection consisting of retro to house to DnB (Drum and Bass). Today I would say my taste is the same as it was when I was 13 but not so focused on one genre. I listen to everything from pop to rap to (EDM) Dubstep and even mashups. My days of being a club Dj are long gone but I still do private events and am the resident DJ for XKO or Xtreme Knockout MMA promotions.facebook-icon-preview-1





Adrianna Marie

has entertained the XKO audience with her rendition of the National Anthem for so many events.  Performances for XKO starting at the age of 15, Adrianna has amazed the fans with her incredible talent and beautiful voice!

Adrianna is an XKO Fan Favorite and knows how to start every XKO show with excitement singing one of the nation’s best-loved patriotic songs!





Sean A. Malone A life-long fanatic of combat sports, Sean was initially focused on becoming becoming a sports writer and spent a number of years penning fight pieces for a number of online and print outlets including. However, a chance opportunity to photograph a local MMA fight in 2012 soon found Sean reunited with his passion of photography. Since that fateful night Sean has committed himself to honing his craft and capturing the raw emotion of combative sports. life-long fanatic of combat sports, Sean was initially focused on becoming becoming a sports writer and spent a number of years penning fight pieces for a number of online and print outlets including. However, a chance opportunity to photograph XKO 16 in 2012 soon found Sean reunited with his passion of photography. Since that fateful night Sean has committed himself to honing his craft and capturing the raw emotion of combative sports while serving as XKO’s official photographer.facebook-icon-preview-1






Swagit Productions is a professional Dallas-based video production company that produces high-quality television, corporate and Web videos for clients in Dallas Fort Worth, in Texas and across the country providing provide everything you need to create great video content, including video-specific contracts and project management tools.

Chris Keen and Luke Hawkins with their team of highly skilled production crew coordinate 6 Cameras and sound to bring fans the top quality production for XKO.TV







Gas Monkey Live, across the street from its restaurant Gas Monkey Bar and Grill at 10110 Technology Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75220.  At 38,000 square feet including a game room with pool tables and vintage pinball machines, as well as a VIP area with booths and table service. Gas Monkey Live’s capacity sits at an estimated 2,500 people, with 3 massive Video screens including an 11-foot by 30-foot video screen as part of the stage set up.   Great food, drinks and friendly staff.   The perfect venue for every fight fan!





Officer Robert Siegmund is the head Security Consultant for XKO Events.  Robert is a certified Police Officer and has been the Safety and Security for XKO for many years!  Robert and his Officers take great pride in protecting the fans and fighters to ensure a fun and safe environment for everyone.







Jeff Mannon is the Booker for XKO Amateur Series Events.

As a Muay Thai practitioner and former fighter, Jeff knows how to help and encourage young amateur fighters and assist them with their development.  As XKOA continues to grow with more events, Jeff will work to give fighters and fans a fun, safe and exciting night of Amateur bouts.

Jeff brings his professional attitude and keen sense of business to XKO and the Amateur series.







Jake Guerrero is the “Pre-Party” Announcer.  Jakes’ high energy and enthusiasm gets the fans excited and ready for the show!

Jake has worked with XKO from the first show to today!  He assists with overall planning, event layout, staffing & ticketing, public relations and promotions.  Jake has the friendly personality and always positive attitude that helps make XKO such a success!








Hooters Ring Card Girls

Xtreme Knockout and Hooters have shared a wonderful relationship for many years.  The Hooters locations of DFW provides the most beautiful girls in Texas!

With more than 420 Hooters restaurants in 42 states and 29 countries, there’s bound to be a Hooters location near you.  

At Hooters, you’ll find craveable food and wings, cold beer, sports, and of course, Hooters Girls.