Welcome XKO VIP Members and Sponsors!

  • Due to the growing number of XKO Customers requesting we RESERVE VIP Tables and RINGSIDE seating we have setup an EASY and SIMPLE to use Monthly or Bi-Monthly billing system. This will eliminate the need to invoice and bill you for each event. NOW YOU CAN RESERVE YOUR VIP TABLE/RINGSIDE SEAT FOR EVERY EVENT IN 2018. Never worry about a rate increase... your VIP rates are secured for all year! Secure your VIP for 2018 and easy installments NOW
  • Accepted Payment Method American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

  • Please RESERVE MY

  • Payments will be ongoing and occur monthly or bi-monthly until cancelled by customer. Billing is based on 6 Events Annually. If XKO only has only 5 events in 2018 payments will be applied to the first event of 2019 at no additional cost.