Antonio Perkins
Announcer / Commentator

High energy, professional MMA sports commentator, announcer and television personality boasts 10 years industry experience in galvanizing crowds, live event commentating and ringside interviews for Xtreme Knockout MMA Events (XKO), pre/post event radio interviews on Fishbowl Radio and television’s UPN 21. Possessing a natural talent and passion for the industry has contributed to a confident radio, television and live event presence with a proven ability to segue into all media formats scripted, impromptu, live or taped.

Scott Groff

Scott Groff is a former Professional MMA Fighter, Instructor, Manager and one of the pioneers of the sport.

Both American and Bahamiann. Spearfishing, freediving, island life are passions.Over 28 years in martial arts. Scott was a fighter during MMA's inception period of the 1990's. 

David DeLeon

Born and raised in Texas I (DjD) has been a fan and follower of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) ever since the age of 13. I got my first turn tables when I was 15 and would purchase records from “Bills records and tapes.” I love the way a record sounds. Hearing the slight crackle of vinyl still gives me goose bumps! I still remember the days when my parents would tell me “Turn the music down!” as if it were yesterday. Now in my early 40’s I get to enjoy all types of music with my 3 wonderful girls who I hope one day one of them will become a Dj!

A lot has changed since that time now all my music collections is electronic (MP3) but I still have a pretty large record collection consisting of retro to house to DnB (Drum and Bass). Today I would say my taste is the same as it was when I was 13 but not so focused on one genre. I listen to everything from pop to rap to (EDM) Dubstep and even mashups. My days of being a club Dj are long gone but I still do private events and am the resident DJ for XKO or Xtreme Knockout MMA promotions.

Allen Brooks
Event & Fighter Manager

Allen Brooks is originally from California.  Allen is an avid Jiu Jitsu practitioner and has been an Event manager for many years!  Allen assists the Fighters, Coaches/Managers, State Officials, Production personnel and XKO staff.

Adrianna Marie

Adrianna Marie has entertained the XKO audience with her rendition of the National Anthem for so many events.  Performances for XKO starting at the age of 15, Adrianna has amazed the fans with her incredible talent and beautiful voice!

Adrianna is an XKO Fan Favorite and knows how to start every XKO show with excitement singing one of the nation's best-loved patriotic songs!

Cassidy Stewart
Social Media Manager
Cass is a social media contractor who represents brands on various social media platforms. She joined the XKO team in January 2023 and has focused on engaging with XKO fans and fighters via online and at XKO Events. Outside of XKO and running other brands' social media accounts, Cass coaches boys and girls volleyball and is pursuing her dream to create a life around art while encouraging others to do the same. "I believe creativity and happiness are intertwined and adding even just the slightest touch of creativity to our lives can bring us more happiness and joy." You can follow her journey here:
Swagit Productions
Production Company for XKO.TV

Swagit Productions is a professional Dallas-based video production company that produces high-quality television, corporate and Web videos for clients in Dallas Fort Worth, in Texas and across the country providing provide everything you need to create great video content, including video-specific contracts and project management tools.

Chris Keen and Luke Hawkins with their team of highly skilled production crew coordinate 6 Cameras and sound to bring fans the top quality production for XKO.TV

Officer Robert Siegmund
Security Consultant

Robert Siegmund is the head Security Consultant for XKO Events.  Robert is a certified Police Officer and has been the Safety and Security for XKO for many years!  Robert and his Officers take great pride in protecting the fans and fighters to ensure a fun and safe environment for everyone.

Rafael Casias
Matchmaker XKO Amateur Series

Rafael Casias is the Matchmaker for XKO Amateur Series Events.

Rafael is a Coach, Cornerman and experienced matchmaker. Rafael knows how to help and encourage young amateur fighters and assist them with their development.  As XKOA continues to grow with more events, Rafael will work to give fighters and fans a fun, safe and exciting night of Amateur bouts.

Grant Elliott
Event Manager

Grant Elliott is the Event Manager for XKO.  Grant helps to coordinate the Setup/teardown,  Ticketing and Customer service of Live Events.  Grant works hard to ensure all the Fans, Sponsors and Staff have a smooth and exciting experience at every XKO Show!

Lee Russell
Sound & Production

Lee Russell is a highly experienced Sound and Production expert.  Lee assists the XKO production team & Swagit productions with the Sound, Lights, cameras and Live production of the event and XKO.TV

Daniel Martinez
Event Setup/Teardown Manager

Daniel Martinez is a Martial Arts practitioner, experienced manager and coordinator of development of staffing and event setup.  Daniel has been assisting XKO in many capacities for years and schedules and trains the Setup & Teardown crew for every Live event as well as Ringside assistance during the Live shows! 

Geno Castaneda

Former Trainer for Boxing and MMA.

Geno Castaneda, a seasoned and highly skilled cutman, is a vital member of our team here at XKO. With his dedication to the fighters he supports, Geno has established himself as a pillar of strength and expertise in the world of Texas combat sports.

Geno Castaneda's name is synonymous with excellence in the field of cutmen. His expertise, compassion and commitment to the fighters he serves make him an indispensable asset to our organization and a respected figure in the world of combat sports. We are proud to have him on our team.

Douglas Frey

Douglas is a Trainer, Coach, Manager and former XKO premier Fighter.  Douglas is a seasoned cutman with a wealth of experience in combat sports. His journey from the cage to the corner of the ring has made him a valuable asset in the world of mixed martial arts, where his passion for the sport and his expertise in injury management have left a lasting impact.

Douglas Frey firmly believes that MMA is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. He sees his role as a cutman as a vital component of ensuring that fighters can continue to pursue their dreams safely. His unwavering dedication to the sport and its athletes is a testament to his love for MMA.

Texas Live

New to Arlington's thriving Entertainment District is Texas Live!, a unique attraction that combines entertainment, restaurants, and accommodations into one exciting destination.

Perfect for sports fans, the complex is nestled between two legendary arenas, AT&T Stadium and Globe Life Park in Arlington. An upscale experience in an unbeatable location, Texas Live! is the place you'll want to be before, after, or during a game.

One thrilling part of the new facility is Arlington Backyard, an outdoor concert venue unlike any other. With spectacular views of AT&T Stadium, the 5,000-person venue will host festivals and cultural events in addition to live music. Get ready to make some memories!

Billy Bob's Texas


World Largest Honky Tonk.  Billy Bob's welcomes visitors from all over the world and from all walks of life on a daily basis.

Come experience our Honky Tonk attitude, friendly Fort Worth hospitality, and truly unique atmosphere.  Live Concerts, Live Bull Riding and more.

The Statler Dallas

Retro-forward style in downtown Dallas

Opened in 1956 and relaunched in 2017, our hotel is famous for its Mid-Century design and being America’s first modern hotel. We hosted legendary performances by Frank Sinatra, The Jackson 5, Tony Bennett, and more. Enjoy premium guest rooms, a resort-style pool, over 26,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor event space, and six dine and drink venues including a rooftop bar, a speakeasy, and gaming hall.

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