For FITE - Give us information about you

This information is for THIS upcoming event. We will use the information for Videos, Graphics, Social Media and the LIVE event on Triller TV as well as  the XKO Commentators to better KNOW YOU and help to promote YOU and YOUR SCHOOL. The fans want to know about you and about your hobbies, interests, family or any information you want to share and what you think might be interesting.

For XKO Private use only. In case we need to contact you.
For staff purposes ONLY - will not share
Name of the song you want to walk out to
the Artist or Performer of the song you want to walk out to
Tell us about your background. Wrestling, Football, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, etc.
Tell us something interesting about your past fights or your training. EXAMPLE "I have never been knocked out"
What is your nickname and how did you get it?
What inspired you to get into MMA and what motivates you to want to fight?
WE NEED A CLEAN QUALITY FACE PICTURE. Provide a photo (waist up) in a fight pose. This picture will be used for your Walkout entrance videos, Promotional Graphics and the LIVE Broadcast. Don't put your hands in front of your face.
If you want to share/promote your facebook page
If you want to share/promote your Instagram page
If you want to share/promote your Twitter page