The Skilled Violence Superseries will be a Gi, no-Gi, and no-Gi invitational sub only competition. Each match will have 1 referee apart from a title or special match in which there may be 3.

Match Length: 6 minutes (unless special).


Competitors will be divided into weight classes only.

Male:    125  –  145  –  170  –  195  –  220+ *special

Female:   130  –   145   –  160   –  175  –   175+*special

Weigh-ins will be held the day before for both Gi and no-Gi. Gi is optional at weigh-in.

Match outcomes will be determined by:

i. Points

Overall scoring system for the non-sub only matches is points/warnings/penalties

A single point will be awarded to the competitor for the controlled positions:

a. Mount/Back Mount/Back Control (W/Hooks or Body Triangle)

b. Guard Pass

c. Takedown

d. Sweep

e. Knee on Belly

f. Sub attempt that puts competitor in real danger (no spamming of low percentage attacks)

ii. Warnings

A warning is called for an illegal technique that is done that would be considered a form of unsportsmanlike conduct, thus preventing the progression of the match.

Penalty and warnings will be issued as follows:

a. While standing, blatant, or excessive backing away from the opponent without forward movement is subject to penalty or warning. Competitor must show left to right lateral movement. It is acceptable for circular movement to occur so long as both are actively engaged.

b. When one competitor plays a guard and other competitor is engaged in guard, if the standing competitor disengages and retreats without staying in limbs reach, a warning will be issued. Competitor must pull back into a left or right direction.

c. Double guard-pulls and stalls in any position for 20 seconds or more will constitute a warning for both. Both competitors must stand back up and re-start from the center of the mat and start from the standing position. If a competitor is playing guard and scoots away consecutively in attempt to disengage/retreat from opponent, competitor will be issued a warning. It is only acceptable to scoot back to re-guard.

d. Intentionally shoving out of bounds, pushing, or pulling guard to out of bounds will be given a warning.

e. Strong collar ties with immediate action to advance will be allowed, but excessive collar ties with no movement towards advancement will receive a penalty.

f. Excessive Hand fighting/grip fighting with no following action will receive a penalty.

**If a match goes to a scoring decision, advantage points minus any warning and penalty points incurred will be considered. If advantage points are equal, the competitor with less warnings and then less penalties will be the winner.

iii. Ref Decision

The referee will be the highest authority in any match and the result of each match cannot be contested unless, for example, the score was read incorrectly.

a. For a single referee, normal card match that results in a tie; the mat referee will determine a winner based on effective grappling and the most dominate display of technique used to achieve a finish. This decision is FINAL.

b. For a 3-referee special match that results in a tie; the referees will similarly determine a winner based on effective grappling and the most dominate display of technique used to achieve a finish. This decision is FINAL.

c. If the match never goes to the ground, and there is no DQ, referee will determine a winner based on effective grappling, person dictating the pace, mat generalship, and overall effort to bring the opponent down or go for a finish.

iv. Submission

a. Legal submission will warrant a clear victory for a competitor.

Legal Techniques:

a. Any kind of choke (apart from using the hand to close windpipe)

b. Wrist Lock

c. Arm Bar

d. Leg Locks

e. All grips are legal including inside gi grips

e. Slamming (only outside of spiking the head directly on the mat/ no points will be awarded)

f. *No-Gi heel hooks all belt levels

Illegal Techniques

a. Retreating from the opponent If a stall is called at any point in the match and competitors are in any position other than back rear mount or top mount, they will be reset to the center of the mat in a standing position.

b. Foreign substance in or on the body

c. Deliberate contact to the groin area

d. Grabbing of windpipe

e. Neck Cranks

f. Eye gouging, fish hooking

g. Grabbing of ears

h. Hair pulling

i. Small joint manipulation

j. Scratching and pinching

k. Biting

l. Hands, knees, or elbows to the face

m. Heel Hooks

v. Disqualification

a. Illegal Moves

b. 3 warnings=1 Penalty

c. 3 penalties=DQ

d. Unsportsmanlike behavior

e. When one or both athletes commit a severe foul

f. Knee Reaping in Gi is illegal for all belts

vi. Injury

If an athlete is injured and unable to compete, he or she will be disqualified.

No-Gi Invitational SUBMISSION ONLY Event

i.  6-minute matches/8-person bracket tournament

ii.  No points will be given out

iii.  Penalty and warning system will be used.

iv.   No overtime if there are penalties and warnings, unless there is a tie in penalty points; Highest number of penalties or warnings will lose match.

V.    2-minute overtime (each opponent)

a. Coin flip to determine who goes first

b. Each competitor will have a turn to start on opponents back and longest ride time, fastest escape or submission wins.


i. Men

a. Rash guard optional for no-Gi

b. Standard Gi rules applied

c. Hair must be up

ii.  Women

a. Sports bra required; Rash guard optional

b. Standard Gi rules applied

c. Hair must be up